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Meta Tags And How They Impact Your Website

Why Search Engine Optimization
Requires Proper Meta Tag Development

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What Are Meta Tags?

A meta tag is a a short amount of HTML programming code located between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags in an HTML document. Translated, "meta" is an acronym for "meta information."

Why Meta Tags Are Important In Search Engine Ranking

Meta tags were originally developed to help identify web pages for search engines when the Internet during the 1990's. Meta tags soon became the most important factor in getting a high search engine ranking.

However, many website developers over-used meta tags, particularly the meta Keyword tag as a method to get more traffic to their sites. As a result, search engines reduced the importance of meta tags, removing many meta tags from their indexing system. Using the right meta tags is critical to your search engine optimization.

Go to the Meta Tag Optimization page for more information.

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How Google Changed Search Engine Rank

Google was the first major search engine to remove most meta tags as criteria for high search engine ranking. By making this move, Google attempted to "level the playing" field for all web sites and improve the quality of information for site visitors. Google uses several factors in its "algorithm" to measure the quality of web sites prior to listing sites in a ranking list. However, Google ignores almost all meta tags.

Find out which HTML Meta Tags are the most important to the Google and other search engines.

The Most Important Meta Tags For Google

Google does use a few meta tags to index your web site: the met Title tag, the meta Description tag, and the Google Site Verification tag. Google does not use the meta Keywords tag, eliminating the need for long lists of keywords in this tag.

How Other Search Engines Use Meta Tags

There are search engines that continue to use other meta tags, however, the only meta tag of importance is the meta Keywords tag. Both Yahoo! and MSN use the meta Keywords tag in analyzing your web site for search engine ranking.

Find out which meta tags to use on the HTML Meta Tag Optimization page.

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