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Frequent Asked Questions & Answers

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My website isn't getting any traffic. Why?

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Your website must have site visitors to elevate your search engine rank. However, your website also needs a high search engine listing (aka ranking) to be visible. So, you may feel like you’re running in circles.

You can improve search engine ranking with Search Engine Optimization. Also called “SEO”, search engine optimization uses specific rules to make your site more visible to the search engines.

This is especially true for the Google search engine. Google is by far the most popular search engine, so you must optimize your website according to Google's’ search rules, also known as the Google algorithm.

The best way to improve traffic is to develop a search engine optimized site and create a targeted search engine marketing program that starts with keyword aware sales copy and includes Search Engine Optimization.

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How long does it take to get listed on the search engines?

This really depends on the the type of site, the quality of site and your budget - sometimes you may need to invest more to upgrade your site. Using the sponsored links, aka "pay per click" system can get you a top listing immediately, but this can be very expensive. Search engines go through a highly complex process for ranking websites. This can take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months for your site to be "indexed." Indexing is the process of finding, analyzing, and cataloging, the individual pages of your website. Then your web pages are ranked relative to other web pages.

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What does Search Engine Friendly mean?

This is a search engine optimization term that describes a website with all the necessary elements to satisfy a search engine spider program. This makes your website easy for the search engine spider to move through your website so it can gather all the necessary information sot your site can be adequately indexed and ultimately receive a search engine ranking.

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What are spiders. What do they look for?

A search engine spider, aka search engine robot, is an automated computer program that electronically analyzes every web page submitted to its search engine's database. This computer program looks for specific items on every web page. If those web page elements are located, the web page receives a higher ranking than it would if those web page elements are missing. An example is the META Title tag for a web page. If present, the web page receives a higher ranking than if the tag is not present.

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If all these web page factors are important for search engine rankings, why aren't they present on my website already?

Most website designers don't know or don't have time to build in search engine friendly design. Website designers are creative, artistic, and/or trained as programmers, who have a specific skill set that frequently does not include search engine optimization. Search engines are also continuously changing their ranking algorithm systems making a moving target for search engine optimization. Staying current with the search engines is a full time profession and website designers usually don't have time to devote to these changes. We spend our time studying search engines and their changes and how those changes can impact our clients websites, so we can react and implement new programs to help our clients.

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Portland search engine optimization , Portland website marketing, Portland internet marketing 

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