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Now you can get top search rankings for your website with our search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Whether your business is in Portland, or any other city, we have a great and effective website ranking SEO service for you. Need better HTML tags? Find out more here . . . SEO Portland. Can't get traffic due to low search engine ranking? Hey, we have the know how and track record for top search engine rankings with our Portland SEO and Portland search engine optimization services.

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Why Your Site Needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Is your website ranking where you want it? Is your site ranking too low for prospective customers to find it on Google or Yahoo or MSN? You need our search engine optimization and search engine marketing services!

Click on the image to the right. Your site could be Number 1 on Google, just like our client’s website.

“How Do I Search Engine Optimize My Site?”

Is your business full time Search Engine Optimization? If not, it’s going to be very difficult for you to search engine optimize your site yourself. You could spend years learning SEO techniques and spend thousands of dollars on software you don’t know how to use. Or - Because you’e a smart business owner - hire us to do Search Engine Optimization for you. We offer several programs for all types of websites.

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We help people find you on the web easily and quickly so your site gets more site visitors and you have the opportunity to increase sales.
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What You Don't Know About Search Engines Can Kill Your Business

Search engine spiders will only index, or review, text content. The process of reviewing your site is referred to as a - search engine crawl or spidering. Search engines use programs, called “robots” to read your site for search engine listing. But, they don’t index images like your .gif, jpg, and .png files. Search engines will crawl Flash files, but the results may vary. Search engine robots crawl your site looking for text and nothing else. Find out more about how search engines work and the importance of Search Engine keywords.

What does this mean for your website?

Design the overall structure and every web page for your site with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Plan your optimized site before you start the development phase to save time and expense - and your site will be considered search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization Starts With Site Design

You can and should optimize more than one page of your website for the search engines. Search engine optimize all important pages, if at all possible, not just the home page. Optimize your home page for the most important keyword phrase.

Then use search engine optimization for important pages with relevant key word phrases. Optimize product pages on your ecommerce website, too. An optimized product and order page will really help in search engine ranking. In the following section, find out what Google search engine looks for in a quality, optimized website.

What about Meta Tags?

Yes! Specific meta tags are important. Find out more at the:  HTML Meta Tag and the Meta Tag Optimization pages.

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Search Engine Optimize Important Web Pages

Search engine optimization is vital for the main information pages of your site. Search engines crawl text - so don’t bother doing SEO for Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages. Search engines are looking for pages that site visitors will actively seek. How often do you search for a “privacy policy” from Google or Yahoo? Search engine optimize the web pages so people can find your site. Develop search engine optimization site pages with relevant content - text that explains your business, service or services, and product or products. We'll help you get the rankings you need and keep your site on top of Google (or other search engines). Find out more at our SEO Reliability Programs page.

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