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NW Database Services, in Portland, Oregon, is a database services company owned by Geoff Hollander. Geoff specializes in mailing list services, database cleaning, and develops custom Microsoft Access Databases. We search engined optimized Geoff's site, now it has many many Google first page rankings and several Google Number One listings. Find out what Geoff says about our  search engine optimization turned his business around.

A Mediocre Website Needing Search Engine Optimization (and more)

Geoff's biggest obstacle to expanding his business was a website that just wasn't performing. It was a clunky style - there was little text; the sales copy was blah, and it wasn't bringing in any inquiries or new business. Basically, Geoff's website was an expense, not a business marketing tool.

Find out what a top Google rank with a google first page ranking can do for you.

We have experience taking sites from nowhere to Google number 1 ranking, so if you want a number 1 website Google, we can do it. We can boost your site ranking so your website number is one on Google. Get a Google number one rank... it feels great.

Search Engine Optimization Explodes New Business
Blasting Away Years Of Frustration And Worry. . .

Here's what Geoff has to say about the Search Engine Optimization, the web page sales copy writing, and website architecture development we created for him . . .

 Customers traditionally have been almost impossible for me to find. Getting new leads took a tremendous effort. I went to meetings, like Chamber of Commerce, and networking groups and it would take a year for a prospect to become a customer, if they ever did make a commitment. It was frustrating and disappointing.

Yellow pages - I might as well have set my money on fire. I picked up maybe one lead per year. In the past all my good clients came from word of mouth referral, but it took forever.

My old website was bringing in maybe one inquiry per month, often not a very good candidate for my services, either. Ths site had some text, but it wasn’t really designed with web salescopy. My site was just another business expense not really doing much for me.

My new website now generates 12 - 15 direct responses, either by email or phone calls to me, every month. This is a huge increase and really unheard of for my type of business. I’m now getting 500% more business from my website. All this within 90 days of new search engine optimization for my website.

Prospective clients are already eager to hear more and get started with my service. The text on web pages delivers a clear message and new clients already have a great deal of information about my business before they contact me. My website establishes communication with clients and now closing sales is far easier.

The Search Engine Optimization for my site is clearly moving my site up in the Search Engine Rankings. I’m now in a position to sell to prospects who already want my services. My business is much easier to run now that I have a website that works for me. 

Geoff Hollander
NW Database Service
Portland, Oregon
Visit Geoff’s website at NW Database Services

Portland SEO Company For Top Search Engine Ranking

Take your site from no ranking up to Google number 1 ranking. We can get you a Google number one rank, aka " 1 website on Google ". We use SEO to blast your website to number one on Google.

Get The Return On Investment (ROI) You Want From Your Website

What’ the best way to move up in the Search Engines, get more site traffic, and more business? . . .

Start with an analysis of your website! We can check your keywords, search engine ranking, your page optimization status, then give you point by point recommendations. We’ll craft your website the right way - with Search Engine Optimization and compelling keyword oriented salescopy that delivers your story. Now your site will get the Search Engine ranking you need to drive new customers to your website and make sales!

Don't have a website? We can start with your target market and the service or product you offer. The we’ll perform key search term analysis, followed by site architecture and website development. We’ll create relevant sales copy for text content. And - we’ll develop your site with Search Engine Optimization. Then, we’ll get you listed on the search engines the right way.

Portland SEO Company Gets Top Google Rank

Yes, you can get a Google first page ranking - it's what we do for you - we SEO your site taking it from no ranking up to Google number 1 ranking. We can get you a Google number one rank, aka " 1 website on Google ". We use SEO to blast your website to number one on Google.

Stop Guessing! - Find out where your site ranks and what your site needs to get the traffic (and business) you want!

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